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Rules of garden.

Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:50 am by Annalise


These is what your not alowed to do.

No Bad Words
No Talking Back
No being rude to other
No taking pictures of your self
No posting links to other forums or anything else (ask a admin about this)
No videos of any sort
No just putting one word
No talk about life prombles (we will only pray for you just say you need praying for)
No writing all in Capital letters it's SHOUTING!
No writing …

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Chat Box Rules

Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:52 am by Annalise

Chat Box rules

No bad words
No talking rude to others
no taking pictures of your self
No posting links to anything (unless you ask an admin)
No Videos
No talk about life problems
No writing in all Caps
No writing in red or blue
No coping work or graphics
No romance
No saying your leaving forever

Thank you for reading [IMG]http://i263.pho

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Friday Party Day!

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Friday Party Day! Empty Friday Party Day!

Post by Annalise on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:07 am

This is like a game day where we as a forum play alot of games and there will be prizes too old bvo prizes maybe rare prizes and we play all these games on every friday :) on chatbox. and sometimes we will go on Babv to play these games but we will not get off of chat box. Here are the games we will play you can request some if you want.

1. Ryming Bee

2. Quiz

3. Take a picture of the Statue of Libarty

4. Fashion show

5. Make up a song

6. Raffles

Request! more games more fun Request some games that you think will be fun!

Here are the rules for Ryming bee. . .
Me or Ericka will say a word like Cat a person who says a word that rymes with that word will get a point we will keep tract of the people you get points.

Here is the rules for the game Quiz . . .
The Quiz me or Ericka will ask a question about BABV or BABW this all has to do with Buildabear, Than who ever gets the answer right will win a point and at the end of all those games we will see who got the most points and we will give 3 people a prize.

Here is the rules for the game Take a picture of the staute of Libarty . . .
This game is where Ericka will dress in her new york outfit and she will try to hide and when you see her you say click! like your taking a picture of her and how ever finds her wins a point.

Here is the rules for the Fashion show . . .
This is a main game people play in babv yes we will be playing this in BABV and me or Ericka will say a theme and you as your person on BABV will have to dress your best to look like that theme and we will only pick too winners for each round sometimes a person will leave and have to watch the game and they won't be able to play in the fashion show game again. And who ever wins gets a prize just for that game. And they will earn three points for winning that game.

Here is the rules for the game Make up a song . . .
You will have to make up your OWN! song and me or Ericka will pick the best osng that we like it's kind of easy but you can't like copy a part of a song that you know or a title that you know from someone else if you do than your out of that game and you get zero points for that game.

Here are the rules for this game Raffics . . .
You will have to say your name and me and Ericka will put all of those names on a pieca of paper and we will put in a hat and draw a name and that pereson will get 4 points because it's a easy game.

So please request some games that you think are fun and we as Admins will deicde if it's good :)

Thank you for reading remember it's on every friday :) in Chatbox and we will meet in USA Den WATERFALL Where PAWPARK! :[IMG]http://i3

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