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Rules of garden.

Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:50 am by Annalise


These is what your not alowed to do.

No Bad Words
No Talking Back
No being rude to other
No taking pictures of your self
No posting links to other forums or anything else (ask a admin about this)
No videos of any sort
No just putting one word
No talk about life prombles (we will only pray for you just say you need praying for)
No writing all in Capital letters it's SHOUTING!
No writing …

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Chat Box Rules

Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:52 am by Annalise

Chat Box rules

No bad words
No talking rude to others
no taking pictures of your self
No posting links to anything (unless you ask an admin)
No Videos
No talk about life problems
No writing in all Caps
No writing in red or blue
No coping work or graphics
No romance
No saying your leaving forever

Thank you for reading [IMG]http://i263.pho

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Fastfood (10-40 points)

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Fastfood (10-40 points) Empty Fastfood (10-40 points)

Post by Annalise on Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:27 am

Welcome to Mcdonlds or KFC or Burger King or Wendys here is where you can buy fastfood for just a quick stop for your account if it doesn't want to make a meal at home and you just feel like helping out your friendly town Bearville Garden or just wanna eat some greasy yummy food! (: So enjoy!

Here is the foods you can chose from.....

Fastfood (10-40 points) Breakfast2

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Fastfood (10-40 points) 11-1 Fastfood (10-40 points) Laws
Fastfood (10-40 points) Chocoo Fastfood (10-40 points) Ice_Cream_Stamp_by_kittygurl521Fastfood (10-40 points) CookieFastfood (10-40 points) Un
Fastfood (10-40 points) Poer

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